Rick Anderson

The quarterback forĀ 604-PAINTER is Rick Anderson, a 26 year journeyman. Superb attention to the details of your needs and an expert in all phases of the painting process. Strengths include a lightening fast wit and a willingness to do whatever it takes to do the best job every time out. Admits that the weakest part of his skill-set is his inability to do perfect preparation but quickly adds that he’s smart enough to get someone who *can* do it perfectly so he gets them to do it instead.

Blonde Johnny

Johnny first came onto the scene when he came to the rescue of 604-PAINTER during a very high end interior Marina Side condo hi-rise. The serious deadline was met only when this Scandanavian Super Hero, known endearingly as: Blonde Johnny, nailed some high end brush work and gold paint trickery to save the day. Blonde Journeyman does it all; from high end condo’s to heavy industrial. Johnny has a tremendous sense of humor and an excellent work ethic. His skills are superior and he’s an absolute joy to be around.


Morris is a soft spoken seasoned journeyman who’s attention to detail is second to none. Once worked a 54 hrs shift for 604-PAINTER in Whistler during the Helly Hansen Project. His interior skills are impeccable and is a master of the sprayer. Will do whatever it takes to get the job right and on time. Easily one of the most amazing painters to ever work for 604-PAINTER.


Nolan got a job for 604-PAINTER after showing the boss how high he could kick after having been asked if he was athletic. Extraordinary work done in Whistler painting over 100 towers and some large factory work in Vancouver. A hip DJ on the side and snowboarder with a confidence about his second to none. More industrial than residential.


Justin is the classic journeyman painter who has made a living all over the world. Strengths include his brush work, athleticism and outstanding sense of humor. Very upbeat and positive. A lot of fun to work with.


Eric is easily one of the best all around workers in 604-PAINTER history. Treats every job like boot camp and pushes himself to the max. Can do all forms of rope access and a real pleasure to be around. Has a real business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. Will do the necessary mule work to get the job done.


Cristina is quite easily one of the sweetest ladies alive. She is loving, joyful, peaceful, patient and kind and has a very easy laugh. The salt of the earth isn’t white, it’s brown, and it comes in shades of Cristina. She is a must for any job-site. Every journeyman’s dream apprentice. As a set-up and tear-down person on most sites she can also roll with the best of them. Nobody outworks Cristina day in and day out at 604-PAINTER and nobody goes about their business, day in and day out, in such a joyful manner as she.


Adam is one of the best all around painters in the industry. He attacks every assignment with a gusto second to none. Great knowledge and excellent ability to plan work methodically. Can easily run a crew of any size and has the ego of a Five Star General. A real ‘go-to’ guy and a spraying genius.


Steve is one of 604-PAINTER industrial specialists. No one sprays out a factory roof with crossbeams faster than this guy. A seasoned painter who can be counted on, day in and day out.


The Poster Boy award for 604-PAINTER goes to Riun. His GQ looks and affable nature make him the gold star winner for one of the best all around employees in 604-PAINTER history. Outstanding work performed in Whistler for Intra West stripping terminals on the mountain at night. Great factory work done for Pepsi Cola along with dozens of hi end interior condo work make up just a fraction of his impressive resume. Completely reliable and totally dedicated to always improving. Soaks up new information and technologies like a sponge and can be counted on day in and day out. Definitely a Five Star General in the making.


Max is the best worker to ever grace a 604-PAINTER jobsite. Simply flawless in Whistler running crews up the mountain at night with a regimented approach second to none. Breathtaking and awe inspiring in his ability to deliver 100% of the time. Runs a six person crew by outworking his underlings and gaining their respect with his every move. A real ‘mans man’ this extremely likable Aussie is a winner in all aspects of life and does nothing but leave people scrambling for superlatives. Excellent sense of humour and good story teller. If you ever want to run a successful business start by hiring a man from the Outback.


Moses’ sole ambition in life is to be everyone’s best friend. As the most attentive and loyal dog in the history of the world Moses is the personification of what the spontaneous activity of the total integrated being is all about. Has never made an aggressive move towards a person or animal in his life. Completely beyond the realm of possibility for Moses to display anything other than loving kindness towards all things in life.