Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting Services

 Services:   Painting, Laquering, Refacing, Refinishing and Staining of Kitchen Cabinets

You’re standing there in your Vancouver kitchen or any kitchen in the Greater Vancouver Regional District for that matter and staring at your kitchen cabinets and saying one of three things to yourself:

  • These are excellent cabinets and in very good shape and I just want to change the colour.


  • These things are pretty beat up and I want them to magically become beautiful again.


  • These cabinets are not the best cabinets on the market nor are they beat up but they do need to be freshened up.

Then you start wondering whether it’s cheaper to paint, lacquer or stain them and wonder if there is really any important distinction between lacquer and paint and stain and if so what?  Will painting them make them look cheap and will you see brush or roller marks because that’s not cool.  You wonder that if the cabinets get sprayed and if so, on or off site?  What about the boxes..the fixed pieces, how do they get done? Will the grain on my Oak cabinets vanish after a 3-4 coats of paint or lacquer.  Is it going to smell in my house and what about my newborn or soon to be newborn, will there be any gassing off of the cabinets after they’ve been brush, rolled, sprayed or whatever?   Do I have to factor in a hotel fee? Do I have to remove all the food from the cabinets and all the contents from the drawers? That’s a ton of work, hope not.  I’m having a party soon I wonder if I can have new cabinets before the date of the party. Maybe I should just get a new installation of brand new cabinets you  think but you have a strong suspicion that the price tag for that will be well over $15,000. Ya, but I can get some real cheap ones installed and then my kitchen will look…umm, real cheap?  What about staining, wonder if they have to strip the existing coat down to the bare wood and start over.  It’s at this point that your head starts to hurt.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was just one company in the GVRD that did nothing but refinish kitchen cabinets?

Well, your search is over. Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet painting and refinishing is the only company in the GVRD that does nothing but refinish cabinetry. We use opaque lacquer, opaque paint and transparent finishes such as varnish, lacquer, urethane and polyurethane to coat your cabinets and if that wasn’t enough we will also stain them.  All cabinets are thoroughly cleaned and sanded prior to being primed with either an oil based primer/sealer or post catalysed solvent based lacquer primer/sealer.

Cabinets typically refinished include but are not limited to:  high pressure laminates, melamine, thermofoil, MDF (Medium-density fibreboard), and wood (typically Oak or Maple)

25 Reasons To Hire Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting (in no particular order)

  • It’s our niche market. It’s all we do.
  • We have been refinishing cabinets for 35 years.
  • We have a professional spray booth and shop for a factory finish.
  • We have the best trigger finger (sprayer) in Canada. Rick Anderson
  • We work within your budget. Sounds cliché but we actually do.
  • We use the best lacquers, paints and varnishes on the market.
  • We respond to your calls, emails etc. immediately. Our communication is superb.
  • We’re the only company that can give 20 recent references for cabinet refinishing.
  • We remove our ‘outdoor’ shoes when we arrive and wear dedicated ‘indoor’ shoes.
  • We mask off all the areas that your cabinetry meets the walls to get a laser beam line.
  • We clean and degrease all surfaces prior to sanding.
  • We sand all surfaces prior to priming.
  • We clean our sand dust prior to priming.
  • We use tack clothes and high pressure air to ensure all surfaces are particulate (dust) free.
  • We are very quiet, discreet and polite while on-site.
  • We are the most trustworthy company in Canada.
  • We have 2 million in liability insurance and no claims to date.
  • We offer unlimited colours and 80 sheen levels.
  • We guarantee all our work against peeling, chipping and fading.
  • We have only had to re-do two jobs in 30 yrs.
  • We bubble wrap all doors and drawers after they’re done to protect them.
  • We have very accommodating payment plans.
  • We’re not trying to “satisfy” our customers. We are only interested in making them say “Wow”.
  • Google say’s we are #1.
  • It’s beyond the realm of possibility for anyone to care about your cabinets more than we do.